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I'll be a Hero

I'll be a Ricky Rescue

EMT Wilson
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My Pokemon Community Feedback

My name is Dana. I go by a few internet handles; Nurr and now Tyto. I used to make my money doing art on Furcadia but now I'm an EMT-B and work full time. Despite any online handles I use animal or not I'm not a furry (furre) though :P ((so please don't message me asking to join your community. I'm not interested, thank you))

I love to do art and would like to try all kinds of medium. I write, too but not as often as I'd like to. This is my journal, and it will be my only one. I work a lot so I don't get to goof off on livejournal much, if you're from the Pokemon Community and you're having a hard time getting ahold of me please give me about 2 days max. I don't often forget things but it does happen, I work about 50 hours a week (I get overtime so it's more like 60) and sometimes I just lose track of things; but I try to keep everything in order as best I can! I don't update much and if I do it's only for friends-only view.

I'm currently working on a comic so I spend most of my spare time doing that. I'm working hard at this time to get into better shape again! I think with my determination I could chew through a rock so we'll see how it goes :D

With that said
Welcome to my journal!